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Training Your Staff in Drupal


So you've built a great Drupal website, and you're ready to turn the keys over to the folks who are going to manage the site on a day-to-day basis. Now the challenge is, how do you empower them to understand and take control of the new site?

How can you make the process as smooth and successful as possible for yourself and the staff? What does the staff need to know and what can they avoid? What work do you need to do and what can you avoid?

Many website projects fail during the handover. The design and execution is great and the staff are keen, but often web designers fail to empower the users. Session instructor Steve Burge will give you the techniques you need to make the website handover from you to your staff a good experience for both of you.

Key Topics Covered:

– Best practices in training
– Drupal-specific hurdles to overcome
– How to track whether the hand-over to the client has been successful
– How to avoid spending days writing and customizing documentation for each client

Session Details
Room 1411
Steve Burge (OSTraining)
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