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Success is in the Details


What happens when your agency, department or group initiates a web redesign and development project that touches multiple web properties, multiple program offices, and, well, multiple everything?  Understanding how the process unfolds at a high level is critical, but success really depends on how well your team navigates the details.

This session is focused on delivering useful pieces of knowledge to help any federal employee who finds themselves on a web design and development project by addressing three critical fronts: process, technology and design.  We’ll use a recently launched suite of Drupal powered federal websites to answer the questions we are asked and, more importantly, questions we wish we were asked.

What you’ll learn about from the process standpoint:

  • Defining business and technology requirements when multiple internal and external stakeholders are involved.
  • Managing variance and when to bring it all together or leave it dispersed.
  • How to empower your agency once the initial transition is over.

What’ll you’ll learn about from the technology side:

  • Configuration versus customization and how the choice is made.
  • Migration approaches from various systems.
  • Multisite setup approaches with integration examples (yes, including MS SQL!).

What you’ll learn about from the design side:

  • Looking ahead to how content, its taxonomy, and even Drupal, influence design.
  • Designing in a multi-stakeholder environment for a diverse national audience.
  • Using views to display information across different devices.
Session Details
Room 1410
David Hoernig (New Target Inc)
Pedja Grujic (New Target Inc)
Paige Wagner (New Target Inc)
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