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Implementing Drupal in a medium sized cities


The City of Binghampton in upstate New York have adopted Drupal and will be putting the site live in the run up to the conference. The web manager of the city will share the site and learnings from the project which uses the OpenPublic distribution and uses taxonomy to drive dynamic content into a site using the Omega theme.

We will show the process of migrating the content from static HTML to a dynamic site using taxonomy, updating people on using the latest versions of OpenPublic. In this particular demonstration we will be covering how we deployed the whole site without wrtiting a single line of code.

This is an overview session of City Government using the Open Public distribution. Brett Husbands of Firmstep proposed the session, and the speaker will be the web manager from Binghampton, Will Meredith.

Session Details
Room 1411
Brett Husbands (FirmStep)
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