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How Drupal is Transforming Government: 7 Case Studies


Drupal is growing in government – there's no doubt about that. But beyond building interesting and useful web sites, the public sector is using Drupal to push the limits of open government and citizen involvement. From robust data visualizations to powerful citizen participation tools, Drupal is proving to be not just useful for the public sector, but transformative. We'll look at seven examples of how Drupal is transforming government today in the areas of usability, visualization, platform development, accessibility, collaboration, engagement, and code re-use. From the White House to your House of Representatives member; from federal agencies to local municipalities, we'll show you the transformative power of Drupal in government.

Questions answered by this session:

  • How are government agencies using Drupal to improve usability and accessibility for the public?
  • How can we demonstrate the ROI for Drupal with public sector decision-makers?
  • How can you use use Drupal to make meaningful services available to citizens?
  • How do Drupal platforms solve security and scalability needs for the public sector?
  • How to implement Drupal to collaboration and engagement directly with citizens?
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Jeff Walpole (Phase 2 Technology)
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