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Drupal Gov Days 2013!!!!!!!!!!


Head over to Drupal Government Days 2013 and join the community!

Are you Registered yet for the 3rd Drupal Government Days (2nd one in North America!!)? Space is limited so sign up NOW. And don’t forget to check out all the awesome proposed sessions and our Amazing Sponsors!!

Thank YOU!


Thank you for speaking at, attending and/or partnering for the first ever North American Drupal Government Day event!

If you attended the drupal Government Day event, please take a few moments and give us some feedback.

I should be able to post all the financial information next week or the week after, but we have a couple of outstanding items, so I’m waiting for those to be resolved before we post all the info. If you are interested in the financial info, it will be posted here, on the site and cross-posted to the drupal4Govgroup on

We also have our Flickr account active now and are loading pictures from the event. Check out Arva’s pictures!!

If you have pictures of the event, email me off line, we’d love to include them.


We Have APS!


Thanks to Anaxis in Belgium, we HAVE Mobile Aps!


So, take a look and play around with the aps. And thank the good folks at Anaxis for helping us out. Folks like


Sandra Maggen

and Software Engineer

Vicky Pagnaer

Pre-Event Happy Hour


Pre-Event Happy Hour 1716 I street NW, Tonight, Thursday Night at 5:45

Taking Care Of Event Housekeeping


So, time to do a little housekeeping ahead of Friday's event. If we missed anything, add a comment and we'll answer away.

Attire: developer formal (t-shirt and jeans are fine). No need for a suit and tie. I promise, unless you're coming from work, leave the suit and tie at home.

Building Access: 14th street, middle of block. If taking metro, walk through the Regan building out to 14th street and cross the street into the Commerce Department

And there's even more….

Announcing The Morning Keynote: Mr. Himself, Chris Musialek


I've had the pleasure of knowing Chris for a few years now because of his involvement with Drupal4Gov. Now, I get to write about him because he has graciously agreed to be our Keynote speaker this Friday morning!

Not only is Chris an open source and open standards advocate, he's also Mr. Data, afterall, the way Chris sees it, "you can't do much without the data." So, when more people, government and citizen, alike, understand what data brings to the table, you can understand the importance of the use and reuse of government data.

And when Chris talks about data, he means all kinds of data, even…geo data.

Chris sess a lot of "potential in improving the amount of data available and to make it easier to use as a developer." In doing this, he sees the potential good for government to do more than just listen to users, but to find ways to improve the quality of government data and for communities of practice to find ways to make it easier for all government entities to put their data online.

Is it May 18th, Yet?


We've heard that the GSA sponsored Web Manager's conference has been postponed, perhaps even cancelled, but FEAR NOT!! Drupal Government Day really is still taking place.

We WILL be at the Department of Commerce on May 18th, set up for registration beginning at 7:30 (ugh, I better get coffee and donuts first!).

We WILL have coffee and probably donuts, too.

We WILL be providing lunch, yum, yum.

We WILL be offering an all day security room.

We WILL be having lunch-time BoFs in the rooms and at tables during lunch.

And WE WILL be HAVING a HAPPY HOUR on FRIDAY!! (ssshhh, we'll tell you more the day of the event).

So, Fear Not my good Government Co-worker folks, we are still on and we will still be having Drupal Government Day!!

And the Sessions Are....


So, we’ve done it now!

We’ve finally approved, plotted and room-ized (OMG, this is so not a word!) all of the sessions into a nice neat package for you to set up for your own personal agenda.

So, go on, have at it!! Head over to SESSIONSand set up your agenda!

All Day


Security still scary? Stop in the Drupal4Gov security room for a session, roundtable, or to get your questions answered! We look forward to seeing you there!

9:30am-10:30am Certification & Accreditation Overview: Fedramp and FISMA
        by Mike Lemire bio twitter

10:45am – 11:45am Risk Assessment: How to perform threat analysis and posture appropriately. Join us for some fun topics like threat levels, capabilities, impacts, etc… the sexy spy movie talk, if Drupal were Jason Bourne.
        by Jason Ingalls bio

Session Details
Security Room (1412)
Greg Knaddison (Acquia)
Session Status: 

Session Submission Deadline is on Friday


The session submission deadline for Drupal Government Day is April 20!

We have received several submissions and are looking forward to an exciting line up of speakers. If you are interested in submitting, get your sessions in before the end of the day on April 20. Session presenters will be notified by May 1 of the final agenda, and feel free to get in touch if you have any questions.

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