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Thank YOU!


Thank you for speaking at, attending and/or partnering for the first ever North American Drupal Government Day event!

If you attended the drupal Government Day event, please take a few moments and give us some feedback.

I should be able to post all the financial information next week or the week after, but we have a couple of outstanding items, so I’m waiting for those to be resolved before we post all the info. If you are interested in the financial info, it will be posted here, on the site and cross-posted to the drupal4Govgroup on

We also have our Flickr account active now and are loading pictures from the event. Check out Arva’s pictures!!

If you have pictures of the event, email me off line, we’d love to include them.


As we get presentations in, we will post them to the threads for the sessions. We’ll be posting session power points or audio wherever and whenever available. For some sessions that had no wifi, we’ll also be announcing webinars to be held.

If you don't see what you're looking for here, make sure you check out Drupal4Gov. will not stay up forever, so we will be updating the Drupal Group as soon as possible and will make sure that the drupal group becomes the respository of sorts for the Drupal Gov Days event.

Thanks go out to all of the organizers.

  • Dennis Sutch, Department of Commerce
  • Tim Wood, Department of Commerce
  • Kathy Dahl, Department of Commerce
  • Kirsten Burgard, Department of Veteran Affairs
  • Yolanda Washington, Department of Veterans Affairs
  • William Brantley, University of Louisville (KY) and University of Maryland
  • Diane Martin, US Department of Navy
  • Betsy Ensley, Phase2 Technology
  • Arva Adams, US Patent and Trademark Office
  • Jessica Richmond, Acquia

And an extra special thank you for all the amazing work from last year's Drupal Government Days held in Belgium. Because of the work of Bart Van Herreweghe, Hanno Lans, Ivo Radulovski and Kristof Van Tomme we are able to pull together the North American version. Round of applause to Europe!

Also, thank you to our two keynotes, Chris Musialek (GSA) and the Department of Energy

Drupal Government Days possible through the generous support of our partners.

And lastly, thank you to all of our volunteers. You kept the food out of the auditorium, helped take down the chairs, made registration run smoothly and made it possible for me to get lunch, which I value greatly!!

Thank you everyone. We will be posting a link to an event survey soon. It will provide us with valuable feedback, so, please take the time and complete it.

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