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Announcing The Morning Keynote: Mr. Himself, Chris Musialek


I've had the pleasure of knowing Chris for a few years now because of his involvement with Drupal4Gov. Now, I get to write about him because he has graciously agreed to be our Keynote speaker this Friday morning!

Not only is Chris an open source and open standards advocate, he's also Mr. Data, afterall, the way Chris sees it, "you can't do much without the data." So, when more people, government and citizen, alike, understand what data brings to the table, you can understand the importance of the use and reuse of government data.

And when Chris talks about data, he means all kinds of data, even…geo data.

Chris sess a lot of "potential in improving the amount of data available and to make it easier to use as a developer." In doing this, he sees the potential good for government to do more than just listen to users, but to find ways to improve the quality of government data and for communities of practice to find ways to make it easier for all government entities to put their data online.

Oh, and not only is Chris awesome with the data stuff, a Drupal4Gov leader, a software engineer and cool with all that geo data stuff, but he also speaks fluent Spanish and plays soccer! He's like this bundle of awesomeness and now, he's also the keynote speaker for the first Drupal Government Day event in North America.

Thanks Chris, can't wait to hear all about the great things you're doing with data!!



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