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Is it May 18th, Yet?


We've heard that the GSA sponsored Web Manager's conference has been postponed, perhaps even cancelled, but FEAR NOT!! Drupal Government Day really is still taking place.

We WILL be at the Department of Commerce on May 18th, set up for registration beginning at 7:30 (ugh, I better get coffee and donuts first!).

We WILL have coffee and probably donuts, too.

We WILL be providing lunch, yum, yum.

We WILL be offering an all day security room.

We WILL be having lunch-time BoFs in the rooms and at tables during lunch.

And WE WILL be HAVING a HAPPY HOUR on FRIDAY!! (ssshhh, we'll tell you more the day of the event).

So, Fear Not my good Government Co-worker folks, we are still on and we will still be having Drupal Government Day!!

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