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It’s scary, time consuming, and from what we have heard at our Drupal4Gov meetings and interactions with the federal Drupal community, security is one of our biggest hurdles and fears.

But it should not be. In response to numerous requests for more information, clarity, and insight into security for Drupal projects in the federal space, our Drupal4Gov event will feature a dedicated Security Room for the entire day!

Drupal4Gov is pleased to announce that the following thought leaders in the Drupal security space will be leading security sessions and training for our event:

  • Greg “Greggles” Knaddison:

    Greg is the leader of the Drupal Security Team and author of Cracking Drupal, the only book about using Drupal securely, Greg has contributed to the maintenance of modules like Pathauto and Comment Notify and helped build out Groups.Drupal. org. Greg is the director of security services at Acquia.

  • Jason Ingalls:

    Jason is the founder and principal of Ingalls Information Security LLC. Jason and his team have tested and assisted in the FISMA accreditation of high-profile, Federal information systems that have successfully deployed Drupal. His team has been a part of characterizing, selecting, implementing, testing, and maintaining controls for large Drupal projects in the Federal space since 2009.

  • Mike Lemire:

    As director of information security at Acquia, Mike leads the design and management of Acquia’s security program, which provides Information, IT and Product Security along with Business Continuity and Crisis Management. With a focus on FISMA, Certification and Accreditation (C&A) for cloud hosting solutions, Mike brings 15 years of experience in IT and information security ranging from policy development to federal compliance to security for financial institutions.

So be sure to stop in, attend a session, and bring your biggest, scariest security questions! They can handle it!!

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